Growing tomato plants from tomato plugs

Growing Tomato Plants From Tomato Plugs

Growing tomato plants from tomato plugs is a great way of starting tomato plants that are strong and healthy. Ensuring a good crop of tomatoes later in the season.

And what can be more convenient than being able to order tomato plugs online one day and having them delivered through your letter box the next! All ready for their new home.

You may have opted for Gardeners Delight tomato plug plants, Tumbling Tom plug plants or a set of mixed tomato plugs but regardless of variety, the advice as to what to do next with them is very similar.

Advice: Growing Tomato Plants From Tomato Plugs

  1. Unpack your tomato plugs straight away and sit them in a little water.
  2. Prepare a 9cm (3.5″) pot for each tomato plug by filling it with multi-purpose compost and create a small, tomato plug sized hole in the centre of each pot.
  3. Carefully plant each tomato plug into a hole and gently bed the tomato plant in by firming the compost around the base of each tomato plant stem.
  4. Place the newly potted baby tomato plants in a warm, bright position to grow on and keep their compost damp.
  5. Once the tomato plants are 6 inches (15cm) tall and the risk of frost has past they are ready to be planted outdoors in their final positions.
  6. Harden the tomato plants off for two weeks prior to planting outside; each day take the tomato plants in their pots outdoors for a breath of fresh air and bring them back in at night.

Ideally, the final position of the tomato plants should be sunny and sheltered.

You could choose to plant and care for tomato plants in large pots, tomato grow bags or in a bed in a greenhouse, polytunnel or outside.

Tomato Plugs Buying Tip: The best time to buy tomato plugs in the UK is April / May.