Poly Tunnel Dreams - ‘Katie’ our most agreeable baby


Projects For Growing My Own Veg, Salad & Fruit

From the dreams of a polytunnel in my garden to the journey of polytunnel installation, through to making my own compost.  

  • Polytunnel Installation
    A journey of my garden polytunnel installation through image. From the first polytunnel hoop at the end of March 2018 to raised beds two months later. Following on, the next spring sees the installation of a weed proof membrane on the floor of the polytunnel and a soaker hose system (with optional cat!) on a battery timer.
  • Making Polytunnel Dreams Come True
    This year I have decided to stop dreaming and I am going to make my polytunnel reality. So, Greenhouse or Polytunnel? Internet searches reveal an age old battle of gardener opinion. Here’s my investigation & results.
  • Polytunnel Dreams
    I have high hopes for my dream polytunnel. That in the moment of smelling the “green” aroma of tomatoes leaves from my forthcoming crop, I will be transported back to simpler times and pleasures.