Burpless Tasty Green Cucumber Plug Plants



Burpless Tasty Green Cucumber plants produce prolific, sweet and crunchy cucumbers up to 10″ in size; grown indoors or outside.


The Burpless Tasty Green cucumber stands out as one of the simplest and most dependable varieties to cultivate. Its uncomplicated and adaptable characteristics make it well-suited for outdoor cultivation, ensuring a bountiful yield of plump, sturdy ridge cucumbers from the beginning of the season until the onset of the first frosts. The taste is subtle and sweet, devoid of any bitterness, offering a tantalizingly crisp and refreshing texture. This cucumber type is a versatile choice for salads, snacking, pickling, or using as a garnish.  

Plant out: After last frost | Flowers: Summer | Harvest: Summer & Autumn | Position: Full Sun

Plug plant size: approx. 10 to 14cm in height (incl. the plug itself).


5 Reasons to choose ‘Growing My Own’ for your Burpless Tasty Green Cucumber plug plants

– Biodegradable nursery bags mean less root damage

– Free & First Class postage

– Recyclable, ‘letterbox friendly’ packaging

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Delivery Information:

The cucumber plugs will be dispatched Free and First Class (large letter) so they arrives asap through your letter box.

Dispatch is Monday (except Bank Hols) to Thurs only to avoid any weekend postal delays that may be detrimental to the cucumber plugs health.

Cucumber Plug Plant Care:

Once received unpack immediately and stand the cucumber plugs in water to re-hydrate. Then plant (in biodegradable nursery bag) into a small pot containing compost for growing on and water in well.  Plant out after the last frost.

Please note, images are for guidance only and most of the packaging can be recycled or re-used.

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